PPG modeling and simulation in JPSE

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PPG modeling and simulation in JPSE

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Dr. Amir Farasat (alumni PhD. student at TMU) and Mr. Hossein Younesian-Farid (alumni Msc. student) from PermLab could publish their fundings on PPG flooding into mature waterflooded reservoirs in JPSE. Congrats to both of them for their great effort in finalizing this paper.

Conformance control study of preformed particle gels (PPGs) in mature waterflooded reservoirs: numerical and experimental investigations

In this study, a new mathematical transport model of PPG injection in mature waterflooded reservoirs is developed. The model is based on the experimental results of PPG swelling ratio and entrapment analyses in a carbonate rock sample. The entrapment is considered a function of the PPG-to-pore size ratio, fluid velocity, temperature, salinity, PPG concentration, and swelling ratio. The formulations of the resistance factor (RF) and residual resistance factor (RRF) are obtained from the injection experiment results at various fluid velocity and PPG concentrations. The entrapment model is coupled with the transport equations of the MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST). The model is validated by predicting the pressure drop changes during the 1D PPG injection experiments at three different flow rates. The validated model is then used to predict PPG transport behavior in several 3D field-scale scenarios.