Abolfazl did a great job in Adv. Water Resour.

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Abolfazl did a great job in Adv. Water Resour.

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Abolfazl Moslemipour could publish his findings from the MSc. thesis in Advance in Water Resources Journal. Many congrats to Abolfazl for this great achievement. The title of this paper is “Dual-Scale Pore Network Reconstruction of Vugular Carbonates using Multi-Scale Imaging Techniques“.

In this study, a dual-scale PNM was implemented to reconstruct the behavior of a vuggy carbonate sample. The rock sample was CT scanned at two different scales. At the macro-scale (i.e., vugular-network), a medical-CT scanner was used to image the rock sample at the resolution of 100 μm. The rock was also imaged by a micro-CT scanner at the resolution of 0.75 μm to extract the micro-scale properties (i.e., micro-network).

The vuggy carbonate rock. (a) A 1.5 inches plug sample was used for porosity and permeability measurement. (b) The end face of the plug sample. (c) The upper trim used for medical-CT imaging (d) A mini plug of the rock was used for micro-CT scanning. e) The bottom trim of the sample was used for MICP analysis.

A stochastically equivalent network based on the extracted micro-network properties was generated with a larger field of view (FOV). Then, vugs were randomly added to the reconstructed micro-network based on the properties of the macro-scale CT images. The result was a dual-scale unstructured irregular PNM. The results show that the reconstructed dual-scale PNM has very close properties to the laboratory measurement data of the real rock sample.

The boxplot diagram of the percolated and non-percolated systems of vugs in this study compared with that of the previous study.