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Farhoodi did great in JNGSE

Shahab Farhoodi, did great and published a very good paper (here) in Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering (JNGSE). We in this study payed attention to the analysis of the combined effect of geological heterogeneity and condensate drop out in condensate reservcoirs. A geostatistical approach was used to build reservoir models with different amount of heterogeneity. These models were simulated by a compositional reservoir simulator to generate pseudo-pressure data versus time of these heterogeneous models.

Condensate saturation, Scond, and pressure profile versus the radius from the wellbore, r, for a gas condensate reservoir. Different flow regimes are depicted during the production.

It was revealed that the intensity of the condensate formation around the wellbore is a strong function of the reservoir heterogeneity. The results showed that increasing of the model heterogeneity can entirely complicate the well-test responses when condensate drops near the wellbore region.

Bottomhole pressure and rate history of 10 days. The flowing and shut-in period is one day each.