Modeling reaction flow in porous media

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Modeling reaction flow in porous media

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Congratulations to Hossein Younesian-Farid, Msc student of petroleum engineering, for his recently published work about reaction flow of pH-sensitive polymer flooding in Petroleum Science & Engineering.


In this study, he developed a mathematical model to predict the acid pre-flush behavior before pH-triggered polymer flooding. Convection, diffusion, and homogeneous/heterogeneous geochemical reactions for a slightly compressible fluid flow in porous media was formulated.  The introduced model was validated against the experimental data. He simulated the injection of several acids (strong and weak acids) into a carbonate rock under different flow conditions (i.e., different Damkohler numbers). The obtained pH values reveal that weak acids can provide better results for acid pre-flushing in carbonate formations.

Figure: Different steps of pH-triggered polymer flooding. a) Water breakthrough during conventional water flooding process because of its flowing through high permeability areas; b) acid pre-flush in order to decrease the pH of the high permeable areas; c) Injection of pH-triggered polymer that has low viscosity in an acidic environment; d) Post water flooding with the  higher sweep efficiency in comparison to (a).